4Minute’s HyunA Says She Gets Her Nice Legs From Her Father

4Minute‘s HyunA said that her legs take after her father’s.

The August 20 episode of “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show” featured HyunA, who made a comeback as a solo, and BTOB‘s Jung Ilhoon.

DJ Jung Chan Woo said, “Ilhoon, you are very pretty,” to which Ilhoon replied, “I take after my mother.” When Jung Chan Woo asked HyunA whom she got her looks from, she said, “I am half-and-half. My eyes are exactly like my dad’s, and my body is like my mom’s.” When Cultwo asked whether her father also had sexy legs, she said, “I think my legs look like my dad’s. My dad has very nice legs.” Jung Chan Woo said, “My legs are really pretty too.”

Meanwhile, HyunA made a comeback with “Because I’m the Best,” featuring BTOB’s Ilhoon.

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