Diplo Praises CL for Her Approach to Fans During Interview With Time

DJ and electronic musician Diplo has given fans an update on CL’s progress in her U.S. debut.

“”I think CL’s doing it the right way because she’s coming through an underground channel,” he said during an interview with Time on August 19. “As opposed to just coming with one big record, do talk shows, and then people forget about her. She’s developing and gaining fans from the ground up.”

Diplo is complimenting CL on her approach to fans through fan-intimate festivals such as Ultra Music Festival and Mad Decent Block Party, which is held by Diplo’s label Mad Decent. She is taking the time to meet her fans in the United States and perform on smaller stages.

Time’s article and several other media sources that have referenced the interview show the United States’ growing interest in the female musician.

CL, who is likely to be debuting in the United States in September, has already worked with Riff Raff and OG Maco for the song “Dr. Pepper.” The music video for the song was revealed on August 14 and attention from sources like Time, Rolling Stones, Bill Board, and Fuse TV.

CL will be touring Toronto, Canada on August 29, Berklee, Calif. on September 11, and L.A., Calif. On September 19 for the MDBP tour.

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