Comedian-turned-pastor Seo Se Won and Actress Seo Jung Hee Agree to Divorce

Comedian Seo Se Won and actress Seo Jung Hee have agreed on a divorce, at a mediation session by the Seoul Court on Domestic Disputes on August 21.

After the mediation session of about an hour, Seo Jung Hee’s lawyer said, “The two parties have agreed to divorce. The two parties will also split the assets amicably.” However, the details of the split are not known. Following this, the two will end their marriage of 32 years.

Seo Jung Hee and the lawyers representing both sides attended the mediation session, while Seo Se Won did not attend. Earlier in July, Seo Jung Hee had started a lawsuit asking for a divorce, and previously in May, Seo Se Won had been sentenced to six months in prison (with a two-year suspended sentence) for physical abuse against Seo Jung Hee.

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