What Happened at the Filming of “Running Man – Horror Special”?

The recent filming of “Running Man” had the theme of horror special.

Although the filming started with an opening party celebrating their fifth anniversary, the members of “Running Man” were soon faced with an abandoned schoolhouse.

The rule was that each member should enter the school with their partner VJ, who have been filming them for the past five years. The members entered the school reluctantly with their VJs, and soon started arguing, saying things such as “You go first,” “What are you doing?”

It is said that Yoo Jae Suk even encouraged his VJ, saying “You need to film me here, right?” However, they all gave up on the filming at the continued surprises and tripped over each other, making this episode possibly one of the funniest episodes yet!

Tune in to “Running Man” on August 23 to see this special horror episode, but before, you can watch the preview below.

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