Yano Shiho Dishes On Her Husband, Chu Sung Hoon

Yano Shiho recently revealed her thoughts towards her husband, Chu Sung Hoon.

On August 22, on KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly” Yano Shiho was interviewed on the set of her recent photoshoot. Yano Shiho
When asked, “In the eyes of viewers, Chu Sung Hoon seems like a perfect man. How is he in real life?” The model answered truthfully that “Chu Sung Hoon really is a perfect man. I think he is the best father anyone could ever have.” She further continued, “however, as a husband, I wish that he would pay more attention to me. Although I also need to be better towards my husband, I wish that he could be a bit more better towards me as well.”

What are your thoughts on Chu Sung Hoon? Would you want him as your father or your husband? Lets us know in the comments down below!

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