Taeyang Did Poorly on the Speed Quiz on “Infinity Challenge” Because of Park Jin Young?

G-Dragon made a playful complaint on the order of the teams for the “2015 Infinity Challenge Music Festival” on the August 22 episode of “Infinity Challenge.” The order was decided through a speed quiz, for which G-Dragon was absent.

Yoo Jae Suk laughed, saying, “[G-Dragon] must have figured out the order by watching the episode on TV,” and added, “Taeyang was really bad at the speed quiz.”

Taeyang defended himself, saying, “Actually, there was a reason why I performed so badly. Park Jin Young was looking at me, and it was plainly written in his face that he was disappointed in me for not doing well on the speed quiz. It was a look that he has on his face on audition programs, when the contestants are not doing well.”

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