Wonder Girls and Girls’ Generation Express Their Fondness Towards Each Other

On August 23, Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls, who both debuted in 2007, made a joint appearance on V app.

Girls’ Generation complimented Wonder Girls, saying that they were really glad to hear that Wonder Girls was coming back. “We made sure to watch all the teasers. [Wonder Girls] was really cool.”

wonder girls girls' generation 1

They even reminisced of the old days not long after their debuts when they switched it up and sang each other’s songs. At the time, Wonder Girls performed Girls’ Generation’s “Kissing You,” while Girls’ Generation sang “Tell Me.”

The members of Girls’ Generation dished, “We feel secure with the Wonder Girls around,” and further expressed that they were happy to be promoting their comeback song during the same period as the Wonder Girls. Sunmi, a member of the Wonder Girls, explained that, “Because everyone these days are our juniors, it can be really awkward. However, it’s nice to have Girls’ Generation around.”

Girls Gen. and wonder girls

Tiffany, wrapped in the memories, further stated, “I remember the times when we used to promote together.” But Sooyoung added, “It’s not really that long ago,” causing laughter among the two girl groups.

Watch Girls’ Generation perform “Tell Me” and Wonder Girls perform “Kissing You” below.

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