Song Minguk Impresses Sean With His Sense of Rhythm on “Superman Returns”

Song Il Gook’s son Minguk was recently able to showcase his incredible sense of rhythm. On August 23, on KBS’ “Superman Returns,” Song Il Gook’s triplets were able to visit YG Entertainment.

In this episode, Song Il Gook drops by YG Entertainment in order to return the trailer he borrowed from Sean earlier this year for a triathlon. Song Il Gook mentions to Sean that as the triplets are growing, it seems that their innate musical instincts are also growing. Hearing this, Sean invites the three brothers into the recording studio.Minguk2

Song Minguk, who loves singing on a daily basis, confidently grabbed the mic and even added ad-libs while singing the children’s folk song “The Three Little Bears.” Even the hip hop master Sean was surprised by Song Minguk’s hidden talents.

Unlike his brother Manse, who only listened to the instrumental recording, Minguk confidently showed off his husky voice and began recording. Sean, who was in charge of the recording, was thoroughly impressed with Minguk’s vocals and even told his father that “Minguk has a good sense of rhythm.”

What do you guys think? Do you think Song Minguk has what it takes to become YG Entertainment’s youngest trainee?

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