SG Wannabe’s Kim Jin Ho Talks About Bromance With Actor Kang Dong Won

During an interview with SG Wannabe on August 23’s episode of “Section TV,” the interviewer says she heard that member Kim Jin Ho is close friends with Kang Dong Won.

Kim Jin Ho laughs and jokes, “I talk to Kang Dong Won’s mother a lot, more than I talk to him.”

He says, “When I released my solo album, he came out to support me.” He’s referring to when Kang Dong Won filmed a video message of support with Kim Jin Ho last fall when he was releasing his second solo album.

“Sometimes we play games together,” says Kim Jin Ho. “He’s both a really cool actor and hyung to me.”

Kim Jin Ho also replies to the interviewer’s comment about how broad his shoulders look now. He says, “I’ve been working out, and doing various exercises.” She goes on to ask him about his abs, and he laughs, “My abs are covered up right now. Next time I’ll show them.”

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SG Wannabe are currently promoting their new album “The Voice.”

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