Choi Min Soo to Be Edited Out of Upcoming “Immortal Song” Episode Due to “A Look at Myself” Assault

Actor Choi Min Soo will be edited out of the upcoming episode of “Immortal Song” due to his recent controversy on the set of “A Look at Myself.”

On August 24, “Immortal Song” producer Kwon Jae Young announced that Choi Min Soo’s segment on “Immortal Song” that will air on August 29 will be edited out of the show. He added, “Recently, he has been caught up in controversy during filming ‘A Look at Myself,’ and after our meeting, we decided to edit him out of this episode.”

Previously on August 19, Choi Min Soo was reported to have punched a producer in the chin while filming “A Look at Myself.” According to an associate who was present at the scene, Choi Min Soo hit the producer after the producer told him to “stop swearing.”

After numerous complaints from viewers regarding the actor’s behavior, “A Look at Myself” canceled its August 21 broadcast and cancelled all planned filming with the actor.

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