Lee Hee Joon and Lee Hye Jung Confirmed to Be Dating

Actor Lee Hee Joon and model Lee Hye Jung have confirmed that they are dating.

The actor’s representing agency, BH Entertainment, confirmed the initial reports of them dating, saying “Lee Hee Joon and Lee Hye Jung have started seeing each other since the beginning of this month.” The rep from the agency continued, “While it is still only in the beginning stages and they are cautious, there was no reason to hide the truth.”

It is reported that the two meet while eating together with acquaintances and developed an interest for each other.

Actor Lee Hee Joon was most recently JTBC drama “Yoona’s Street,” co-starring with actress Kim Ok Bin whom he once was romantically linked to. Lee Hye Jung is currently a fashion model after a career as a professional basketball player.

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