Choi Min Soo Steps Down From “A Look at Myself”

Actor Choi Min Soo, who was caught up in controversy after physically assaulting a staff on set, has stepped down from his program “A Look at Myself.”

On August 24, the production team of “A Look at Myself” announced, “We want to apologize for the incidents that happened last week. Choi Min Soo have since volunteered to leave the show.”

They added, “Choi Min Soo told us that he wanted to apologize to the many viewers who watch the program, and he is sorry that he caused so much harm to the show. He did not want to hurt the other staff and cast members any further.”

They also commented that they will be reorganizing as soon as possible in order to be on air successfully.

Previously, Choi Min Soo punched a producer while shooting the program on August 19. The show cancelled its August 21 broadcast after the incident was reported in the media.

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