IU, BIGBANG, and Girls’ Generation Songs Used in Propaganda Broadcasts to North Korea

South Korea has been broadcasting its cross-border propaganda to North Korean amid high tension between the two nations since earlier this month when landmines went off in the DMZ and maimed soldiers on border patrol. The tension has gotten even higher after an exchange of fire this past Thursday.

The cross-border propaganda broadcasts from South Korea to the North have started again after a 11-year hiatus. They are generally deemed to be part of psychological warfare.

It became known on August 24 local time, that K-pop songs were being broadcast as part of the broadcast; namely IU‘s “Heart,” BIGBANG‘s “Bang Bang Bang,” Girls’ Generation‘s “Genie,” and veteran singer No Sa Yeon‘s “Meeting.”

The cross-border propaganda is broadcast about eight hours per day at 11 locations, but not all around the same time. News about South Korea’s progress and North Korea’s “true state” is also included in the broadcasts.

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