Lovelyz Reveals Teaser for Comeback Featuring 8 Members, Updated With New Teasers

Update September 4 KST:

Jisoo Teaser


Update September 3 KST:

Sujeong Teaser

lovelyz sujeong

Update September 2 KST:

Mijoo Teaser

lovelyz mijoo

Update September 1 KST:

Baby Soul teaser

lovelyz baby soul

Update August 31 KST:

Yein teaser


Update August 30 KST:

Jin Teaser

lovelyz jin

Update August 29 KST:

Jiae Teaser

Lovelyz Jiae

Update August 28 KST:

Lovelyz has released an individual member teaser for Kei.

Lovelyz Kei

The rookie girl group from Woollim Entertainment is making a comeback and they have released their first teaser!

The image teaser features eight members, and although the faces and exact identities are not visible, it can be assumed that member Seo Ji Soo is returning with the rest of the members of her group.

Lovelyz was originally set up as an eight-member girl group, but Seo Ji Soo was unable to properly debut with her group when malicious rumors about her were spread after the announcement of Lovelyz’s debut. Later the rumors were found to be untrue and the individuals who started the rumors were penalized.

Earlier this year in July, there was speculation that Seo Ji Soo would be making a comeback with the group but Woollim stated that “There has been nothing decided regarding Seo Ji Soo joining Lovelyz. She is currently practicing with the members, but her rejoining the group has not been determined yet.”

It seems now with this teaser, the speculation can be confirmed in the affirmative.

Update 08/27/15:

An affiliate from Woollim Entertainment stated to news outlets, “It is true that Seo Ji Soo is joining the group. The group will be performing as eight for the first time since their debut.”

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