Bumkey’s Trial on the Appeal Court for Drug Trafficking is Postponed

The prosecution’s appeal against Bumkey has been postponed on the afternoon of August 26 in the Seoul District Court.

Bumkey has previously been indicted on the charges of drug trafficking and also on usage of drugs, including amphetamines and ectasy. He was declared “not guilty” on April 20, with the ruling “there is insufficient evidence, and the accounts of the witnesses were not specific enough, thus making it impossible to declare Bumkey guilty.”

The prosecution has appealed this decision since then.

On August 26, the witnesses on the prosecution side did not attend the appeal, and it was decided that questioning was impossible, postponing the trial.

The prosecution said, “There must have been a misunderstanding, because we cannot reach the two witnesses. The witnesses are not sure whether they are being summoned, or whether they are just being contacted.”

The judge asked that the prosecution make sure that the witnesses will be present in the next scheduled trial, which is October 14.

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