Trot Singer Jo Jung Min Draws Interest From Other Guests and Panel During “Radio Star” Appearance

On the episode of MBC’s “Radio Star” aired on August 26, Jo Young Nam, Yoon Hyung Joo, Kim Sae Hwan, and trot singer Jo Jung Min appeared as guests for the “Lady and C’est si bon” special.

When Jo Young Nam asks Kyuhyun, “Do you like Jo Jung Min? Would you date her,” he happily answers, “I’ll tell you after we finish filming.”

Though Jo Jung Min says, “It won’t work out because we have the same last names,” Kyuhyun knowingly replies, “The law has changed.”

Until 2005, Koreans couldn’t legal marry if they had the same family name and ancestral home, but because the law has changed, Jo Jung Min’s response drew laughter from the audience who viewed it as weak move to block Kyuhyun’s interest in her.

Meanwhile, Jo Jung Min also shares her story of how a man delivered her coffee from Gangnam to Deokso every moring for two months.

“There aren’t any coffee houses in my neighborhood. However, I really like coffee,” she says.

Despite the lack of resources around her, she says a man bought her a cup of Americano and a warm muffin every morning.

“We never ended up dating,” she says. “It was a little too much for me since he was delivering everyday.”

When Kim Gu Ra asks, “Was it the same kind of coffee [everyday],” she says yes. He jokingly replies, “No wonder you were done with him.”

Later on, when asked what her ideal man is like, Jo Jung Min says, “I like men who are willing to sacrifice themselves, family-centered, and are crazy about me.”

After listening to her options, Yoon Hyung Joo comments, “Jo Young Nam doesn’t make the cut.”

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