2NE1’s CL Responds to Kim Jin Kyung’s Controversial Actions?

2NE1‘s CL left an ambiguous message on her Instagram, leaving netizens to guess what it might mean.

On August 28, CL posted a black and white photo of an eye with the caption, “#icouldmakeahaterfamousyah.” The hashtag is gaining attention because of a recent controversy involving model Kim Jin Kyung.

On August 23 on “My Little Television,” designer Hwang Jae Geun tells Kim Jin Kyung, “Jin Kyung, you’re pretty.” He then continues, “I’ve heard that [you] look like CL.” At this, Kim Jin Kyung throws the glue gun in her hand with a grimace, saying, “Ah, why are you like this, seriously?”

Kim Jin Kyung apologized for her actions on August27 through her Instagram, saying, “I worked up the courage to do this because I wanted to apologize for my rash actions regarding 2NE1’s CL.” She relayed, “During the recent live broadcast of ‘My Little Television,’ I did not think it through when CL was mentioned and made her fans uncomfortable with my rude actions and words. I sincerely apologize.”

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