Bobby Appears on “Show Me the Money 4” to Support Song Mino

On August 28, Mnet’s “Show Me The Money 4,” revealed the final battle between the last remaining contestants, Basick and Song Mino.

The behind the scenes for each performance was also shown in this episode. Song Mino decided to meet up with the third season’s winner, Bobby. Song Mino was able to express his true emotions as he stated, “When I decided to appear on season 4, the pressure from the public was unbearable. Your name was brought up often. I told myself it would be okay, but inside, I was so nervous. I know that if I don’t win, I’ll be compared to Bobby. I had such a hard time.”SMTM4 Mino Bobby

He further continued, “While preparing for my debut, I learned that I need to become stronger mentally in order to overcome hardships. However, these days it has been really hard. I’m so sorry and so sad. When I told my father that I’m alright, he started crying. I debated a lot whether or not I should just drop out of the program.”

Bobby provided his honest opinion and said, “I didn’t know that you would come all the way here. However, the winner is Song Mino!” and showed his full support for his labelmate Song Mino.

Check out Bobby’s appearance down below:

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