12 of the Best Non-Title Tracks in K-Pop

Everyone in K-pop knows the top songs or famous hits that tend to dominate the charts. However, beyond all the amazing title tracks and singles released in the K-pop industry, there are still thousands of wonderful songs that are only well-known in each artists’ fandom. Although certain non-title tracks (such as G-Dragon‘s “Who You?” or EXO‘s “Baby, Don’t Cry”) have been lucky enough to become well-known among the general K-pop audience, most non-title tracks only enjoy relative success due to a lack of exposure. Although the list of great non-title tracks could truly be endless, here are some of our favorites! Check them out in “12 of the Best Non-Title Tracks in K-Pop.”

SHINee – “Stranger”

As a huge fan of SHINee, I have a lot of favorite songs that are non-title tracks. However, this song is one of my absolute favorites! It comes from their 2012 EP, “Sherlock,” and was written by a famous hit-maker for SMTOWN, the talented composer and arranger Kenzie. For other great, non-title tracks, you can also listen to “Odd Eye” and “Love Sick” off SHINee’s newest album, “Odd.”

miss A – “Lips”

One of my favorite songs by miss A, “Lips” was released in 2012 as part of their first mini-album, “Touch.” It’s an upbeat, catchy, exciting song that is great for dancing or having a fun night out with friends. Upon release, almost all fans agreed that “Lips” would have been a much better title track for that album. If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out!

EXO – “Thunder”

When it comes to EXO, it’s hard to choose just one non-title track. They have so many great songs and present a much different image in their albums than they do in most of their music videos. A lot of their songs have a great R&B feel that really suits their main vocals, which makes”Thunder” one of their best songs in my opinion. Another excellent, non-title track from EXO is “Heart Attack.”

MAMAMOO – “Freaking Shoes”

I absolutely adore Mamamoo and their fresh, amazing songs. Whatever genre they tackle, they always manage to present a truly solid song with great vocals. Their 2015 song “Freakin Shoes” is no exception to the rule! Leaving behind the distinctly vintage sound prevalent in a lot of their songs, this track features great lyrics and a funky, upbeat tune.

BLOCK B – “When, Where, What, How”

A non-title track off their hit EP “Very Good,” this song is actually a solo project for member Park Kyung and features Jo Hyun Ah from Urban Zakapa. Out of all the songs on this list, this is one of my very favorites! The verse starts with a slower, sensual, jazz sound, but the chorus keeps it fresh by picking up speed and entering into a more typical, Block B sound.

f(X) – “Beautiful Stranger”

Let’s be honest for a minute, almost all of the SMTOWN artists have really great non-title tracks! However, one of the groups that seems to have a truly endless list of excellent songs is f(x). With so many great songs, it’s impossible to choose their very best, non-title track. However, one of my favorites is this amazing song featuring Amber, Luna, and Krystal.

GOT7 – “Forever Young”

Released on their second EP, “Got Love,” in 2014, “Forever Young” is everything good about boy bands in K-pop. With a really fresh melody and beat, the song manages to perfectly capture the sweet, youthful longing of a first love. It’s a song that people of all ages can relate to since it brings back bittersweet memories of being young, innocent, naive, and in love.

After School – “Love Beat”

After School released their sixth EP, “First Love,” in 2013 with a total of six songs, including “Love Beat.” In my opinion, this is one of After School’s best songs and should have been released as a title track with an MV. As a group that is never afraid to change up their image and tackle more difficult songs, I think this unique song would have showcased their talent perfectly had it been more widely promoted.

B.A.P. – “Shady Lady”

A truly excellent song, “Shady Lady” was released in 2014 as a track on “First Sensibility,” the group’s first studio album. In a similar vein as “Coffee Shop,” the song showed off their strong vocals with a slower, R&B-infused melody. The sweet lyrics, reassuring the title lady that she is beautiful and loved exactly as she is, were co-written by group member Bang Yong Guk.

2NE1 – “If I Were You”

If we’re being completely honest, 2NE1’s second studio album, “Crush” is absolutely full of amazing, non-title tracks! One of my favorites is this emotional, moving song with melody and lyrics composed by the fabulous CL. If you haven’t heard them already, you should also check out the songs “Baby I Miss You” and “MTBD.” The album was released in 2014 and was a huge, commercial success!

BTS – “Spine Breaker”

Although their title tracks are always amazing and never fail to become hits, BTS’ non-title tracks are all equally amazing as well! One of their best, non-title tracks is “Spine Breaker,” a song that shames lazy, spoiled teenagers who demand nice things from their parents without ever thinking of the burden it puts on the family. It also features some truly amazing rapping by Suga and Rap Monster (who helped to compose the lyrics, along with fellow member J-Hope).

BIGBANG – “Feeling”

When BIGBANG released their fourth EP, “Alive,” and the subsequent repackage, “Still Alive,” the albums were full of amazing, award-winning songs like “Fantastic Baby,” “Bad Boy,” and “Monster.” Due to the immense success and global popularity of these songs, some of the non-title tracks were relatively forgotten. Some of them are genuinely excellent songs though, including this little gem composed by G-Dragon and German EDM producer, Boys Noize.

Although there is an endless amount of amazing, non-title tracks in the K-pop world, this currently completes our list of “12 of the Best Non-Title Tracks in K-Pop!” Have you already listened to all of the songs on this list? Which one is your favorite? Were there any other songs we should have included? Let us know in the comment section below!

First, here is a playlist for all songs listed.

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