Ha Jung Woo Talks About His Ideal Girlfriend

Ha Jung Woo talked about his ideal girlfriend on the August 28 episode of “I Live Alone,” in which he met with his father Kim Yong Gun.


Kim Yong Gun met his son for a meal after watching the movie “Assassination” for the fourth time. After complimenting his son on how well the move was received, Kim Yong Gun asked if he’s seeing anyone. When Ha Jung Woo said he is not, Kim Yong Gun looked very disappointed, asking, “Then what are you doing these days?”

Ha Jung Woo commented, “Many people around me are not married, and Director Kim Yong Hwa advised me to marry at 45.” He added, “I don’t care as much for appearances concerning my ideal type. I want to meet someone who I can live with as friends for the rest of my life.”

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