“Yong Pal” Producers Respond to Plagiarism Allegations

HB Entertainment responded to the allegations of plagiarism of their popular drama “Yong Pal.” It was said that the drama is similar in part to the webtoon “City Conquest 7.” The allegation of plagiarism was categorically denied by the agency, which stated the following:

1. The allegation that “Yong Pal” plagiarized “City Conquest 7” ignores the big picture, and takes small parts in the similarities of the stories to hurt our reputation.

2. “Yong Pal” is an original piece by writer Jang Hyuk Rin. This has been known before we announced the main actors Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee, and it is not true that it is based on the webtoon.

3. Baek Mir of “City Conquest 7” is haunted from having killed a 10-year-old while he was an intern, and sees images of this child. He moves to Japan and becomes a part of the Japanese mafia and practices medicine illegally. The main point of the character Baek Mir is that he has extra-sensory perception. The story continues with Baek Mir meeting other characters with superpowers. This is vastly different from “Yong Pal,” of which the main point of the character is that he is a visiting doctor.

4. Seo Dan Bi of “City Conquest 7” does appear in a coma, preserved in a glass tube. However, this is because she has super powers. Han Yeo Jin of “Yong Pal” is in a coma because of her greedy brother, which is essentially different from the story of “City Conquest 7.”

5. It is a death sentence to a creative piece of work to look only at its parts, and claim that it is plagiarism, when the big picture is clearly different.

What are your thoughts on this?

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