miss A’s Suzy Transforms Into a Cute Kitty Cat

On August 29, miss A’s Suzy uploaded a picture of herself onto her personal Instagram. The picture that she uploaded has a unique concept as Suzy is sitting on top of a television with adorable cat ears.

Suzy appears to have jumped right out of a comic book with her hot pink crop top and her shiny miniskirt. She gave her outfit an extra spark of glam with her cat ear headband. The singer is currently receiving a lot of attention for her cute yet chic concept. For her ears and clothes give off a fresh and cute vibe, yet her facial expression is chic and elegant.

Meanwhile Suzy is currently awaiting for the release of her newest movie “Dorihwaga.” She is cast in the movie with Ryu Seung Yong and will appear in the movie as his apprentice.

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