Kim Woo Bin Unveils the Secret to His Broad Shoulders

On August 29 KBS2 “Entertainment Weekly,” reporter Jisook interviewed model-actor Kim Woo Bin on the set of the filming of his new CF.

On this day, Kim Woo Bin revealed that his broad shoulders did not just appear on their own. The actor further explained, “When I first debuted, my shoulders were not that broad. In fact, they were very narrow because I was really thin.” He then revealed how he was able to make his shoulders broader in response to the reporter’s question of his secret: “In order to make broad shoulders in a short period of time, I did 200 push-ups.”Kim Woo Bin 2

Furthermore, the actor added that “The effects of exercising are endless.” He then proceeded to thank his trainer for helping him gain the broad and manly shoulders he has today.

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