Actress Han Go Eun to Tie the Knot Today

Actress Han Go Eun is getting married today (August 30). Her wedding will not be open to the press, and will be attended only by family members.

According to Han Go Eun’s management agency, her husband-to-be is an office worker who is four years younger than she. He is said to be thoughtful and hardworking.

Although the two did not date for a long time, they felt sure about each other and decided to get married. As the groom is not a public figure, Han Go Eun decided not to have any press conference or photos taken for the press.

Earlier, Han Go Eun has said on “Entertainment Weekly,” “I do not have any reason not to get married. I always wanted a daughter, but now I sometimes think that I want a son who looks like the man I love.”

Update 08/30/15:

Photos of the bride were recently revealed via the Jennyhouse blog.

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