Lee Gook Joo Gives Heartfelt Advice to a Middle School Student Who Wants to Lose Weight

The August 29 episode of “Same Bed, Different Dreams” featured Lee Tae Rim, a middle school student on a very strict diet, who does not eat and does not exercise. Lee Gook Joo made an appearance on the show, and gave Lee Tae Rim very realistic advice, drawing from her own experiences.


Lee Gook Joo said, “I also decided to go on a diet, because I had gained way too much weight. I thought that as a woman, I did not want to weigh three digits in kilograms,” and disclosed her past weight. She said that she gained an additional five kilograms because of irregular habits formed from a busy schedule, and that she subsequently lost the weight by eating moderately and having regular sleeping habits. She did not forget to advise Lee Tae Rim that she needs to exercise instead of keeping her extremely unhealthy diet.

“My mom is 154 centimeters, my dad 167 centimeters, but I’m 170 centimeters tall. It’s because I always made sure to eat. You aren’t eating, and you’re not moving; right now your lifestyle is more unhealthy than mine. You have to live your life differently than me,” said Lee Gook Joo.

Lee Gook Joo also took Nana of After School as an example, telling Lee Tae Rim about the efforts Nana puts into keeping in shape. She said, “You should not hope for results without putting in any effort.” She shared her own past experience, saying, “I was teased a lot. When I ate ice cream, people would say, ‘That’s why she gets fat.’ Even now, I don’t go anywhere with something to eat in my hands. Even if a friend asks me to hold their food because they need to tie their shoes, I refuse.”

She explained, “You need to learn to love yourself. I may not be beautiful, but I try to be charismatic.”

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