Female Cast Members of “Real Men” Undergo Routine Physical Exams, Reveal Heights and Weights

The ten female celebrities who challenged themselves to survive the army in the popular program “Real Men” revealed their makeup-free faces and their weights on the August 30 episode.

As soon as they entered the army base, they were required to submit biometric data, which made them very nervous.

kim hyun sook real men

Kim Hyun Sook, after having weighed in, was surprised by the result of 59.2 kilograms (approx. 130.5 pounds) and asked to be re-measured. So, for the first time ever, a request went in to a reweighing, but to her dismay, the weight was later corrected to 69 kilograms (approx. 152 pounds).

choi yoo jin real men

Choi Yoo Jin, on the other hand, had an entirely different issue. She was so light, weighing in at 42 kilograms (approx. 92.6 pounds), that the staff was unable to measure her blood pressure because her arm was too thin.

Sayuri threw her doctor off-guard with her open declaration that she has had her nose done, asking if there would be an issue. The doctor simply responded, “Just be careful when you are putting on a gas mask.”

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