Guitar Man’s Identity Is Revealed on “King of Mask Singer”

*Spoilers below!

On August 30’s episode of MBC‘s “King of Mask Singer,” the contestant performing under the alias Legendary Guitar Man challenges the reigning champion Your Way Hawaii.

Legendary Guitar Man impresses the audience and panel with his sweet yet powerful voice. He makes it through both the second and third rounds of the show, beating both his opposing contestants. The judges comment before he performs Exhibition‘s ‘There Is Truth in Wine” in the third round that the song is incredibly challenging, but he manages to blow them away with his rendition.

Your Way Hawaii then takes the stage to attempt to maintain her place on the throne by performing Jung Kyung Hwa’s “An Invitation to Me.” Your Way Hawaii’s extremely powerful voice has the crowd cheering more than ever, and the audience and panel choose her as the winner.

It is therefore time for Guitar Man to reveal his identity, and the crowd and panel seem totally shocked when he turns out to be EXO‘s Chen (as many EXO-Ls and netizens had suspected).

king of mask singer chen 2

Chen is asked why he decided to come on the show, since he’s the member of a famous group. “I was curious to see what people would think of my voice when I appeared just as someone named Chen, and not as EXO’s Chen,” he explains.

Immediately after he leaves the stage, Chen grabs his nose and jokes that his mask was pressing down on his face for so long that he thinks his nose has gone flat now.


He then says that it was a great opportunity for him because he was able to just focus purely on singing the song, and not on where he had to look or what camera to pay attention to.

king of mask singer 4

You can watch his unmasking below.

Did you know that Legendary Guitar Man was EXO’s Chen?

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