Han Groo Shows Off How Her Boyfriend Takes Care of Her on “Real Men”

Actress Han Groo, who recently admitted that she is in a relationship, decided to show off her boyfriend before she entered the army.

On August 30’s episode of “Real Men,” on her way to the Nonsan training center, she proudly states, “My boyfriend bought me drinks and bread before I came here.” A picture of her and her boyfriend is also shown in the episode.

Meanwhile, “Real Men” is currently airing their third female soldiers special. In this season, actress Yoo Sun, Kim Hyun Sook, Han Chae Ah, Shin So Yul, former tennis champion Jeon Mi Ra, Sayuri, rapper Jessi, CLC’s Yoojin, and Park Gyuri are the soldiers who will be training alongside Han Groo.

Han Groo

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