Loser of “Running Man” Race Pays for 150 Staff Meals

On the August 30 broadcast of SBS‘s “Running Man,” a race begins with the cost of a meal for 150 staff members on the line.

The team consisting of Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo, and Kim Soo Ro, which was pegged at the beginning of the race to be the best team, reach the final destination only to see that they are the last to arrive. The restaurant is already empty, all the staff having left after eating.


running man 1

Running Man

kim jong kook 1

The one person who is to pay for the meal is chosen by roulette, and it’s Kim Jong Kook with the unfortunate fate.

While he completes the payment with his own card, he jokes to the cashier, “Don’t they normally knock off the dollar?”

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