Gary’s Agency Responds Strongly Against Rumors Regarding a Sex Tape

Leessang Company, Gary‘s management agency, is responding strongly to rumors of the rapper being the star of a sex tape.

The agency confirms through an official statement that Gary is not the man in the sex tape being circulated online, that they will be taking legal action against the distributor, and that there will be no leniency or negotiation. It explains that while at first they thought the rumors weren’t even worth responding to, as it started to become construed as truth, the agency decided that it could not stand by and do nothing.

According to the agency, the person inside the video has a tattoo on his left arm, but Gary has a tattoo on his right arm and the tattoo, while similar, is different in shape from the one seen in the video. It also states that the person shown in the video contacted the agency directly, worried and concerned about the trouble it was causing Gary.

Leessang Company firmly states that it has already gathered evidence and will soon request a formal investigation into the original distributor and those that circulated the video. It asks for the public’s cooperation to stop untrue rumors and circulation as it not only hurts Gary, but also hurts the people captured in the video.

Previously, there were rumors and news reports of a “celebrity sex tape,” which had Gary’s name attached and speculated along with. Since then, all the original reports have been taken down, and the person inside the video is said to be a non-celebrity.

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