Celeb Kids Who Look Just Like Their Parents Part 1

With the creation of shows like “Dad! Where Are We Going?” and “Superman Returns,” celeb kids have only gotten more popular and well-known. Although children are adorable enough as it is, it’s especially eye-catching when they have uncanny resemblances to their famous parents. Enjoy all of the cuteness as you check out Part 1 of our Celeb Kids Who Look Just Like Their Parents series!

Tablo Kang Hye Jung Haru

Haru appears to share similar physical traits with both her dad Tablo and mom Kang Hye Jung. But I guess the couple kind of resembles each other, too. Do you think she looks more like one parent than the other?

Yoon Min Soo Yoon Hoo

Yoon Hoo is quite the spitting image of his father Yoon Min Soo, don’t you agree?

Song Jong Kook Song Ji Ah Song Ji Wook

We have another “Dad! Where Are We Going” family here with former soccer player Song Jong Kook and his children Song Ji Ah and Song Ji Wook. They both resemble him closely!

Song Il Gook Song Triplets

Daehan, Minguk, and Manse don’t look identical yet they all resemble their father Song Il Gook. Which Song triplet looks most like their actor dad?

Kwon Sang Woo and Luke

Dressing up in a matching outfit, Kwon Sang Woos son Luke (also known as Rook Hee) looks like a cute doppelgänger. See more pictures of him here.

Jordan Yoon Mi Rae Tiger JK

Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae‘s son Jordan appears to take after both of his parents as well. Apparently, he shares their love for music, too!

Lee Hwi Jae Seo Eon Seo Jun

Lee Hwi Jaes twin sons Seo Eon and Seo Jun are adorable tiny versions of their father.

Basick and son

This picture of Basick with his son Lee Jae Ha is totally squealworthy! For more pics of the mini Basick, click here.

Choo Sarang Choo Sung Hoon

Father-daughter duo Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang are known for looking alike. Aren’t they super endearing?

Lee Young Ae Seung Kwan Seung Bin

Actress Lee Young Ae‘s twins Seung Kwan and Seung Bin appear to have inherited some genes from their mother.

Sean Jung Hye Young and kids

Sean and Jung Hye Young have four precious kids: Haeum, Harang, Hayul, and Hael. Which parent do you think each child resembles?

That’s it for Part 1! Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the other adorable celeb kids. They will be included in Part 2; stay tuned!

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