AOA’s Jimin and Jung Jinwoon Bicker With Each Other on “The Racer”

AOA‘s Jimin and 2AM‘s Jung Jinwoon showed off their close friendship.

On the October 3 broadcast of SBS‘s “The Racer,” the cast engage in a one-on-one battle race.

During the broadcast, Jimin appears as a guest on the show as Jung Jinwoon’s friend. Jung Jinwoon jokes, “She’s not my friend!” to much laughter.


This flusters Jimin and she says angrily, “We’re the same age, we live in the same neighbourhood, and we go to the same hair shop! I really am Jung Jinwoon’s friend.”

Meanwhile, Jimin’s appearance on the episode made the other male cast members cheer in excitement as they fanboyed over the popular idol rapper.

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