Yang Hyun Suk Says There Are No Plans for 2NE1’s Comeback Just Yet

YG Entertainment‘s CEO Yang Hyun Suk admitted that 2NE1 does not have immediate plans for a comeback.

During the press conference held after iKON‘s debut concert, Yang Hyun Suk said, “It’s difficult to say that 2NE1 will release an album by a certain time.”

Currently, the members of 2NE1 are focusing on their individual activities. CL is preparing for her American debut, while Dara is acting and appearing in variety television. Minzy has been reported to be focusing on her studies. Bom has halted all activities, as she has gone on a hiatus after her drug controversy last year.

On this matter, Yang Hyun Suk commented, “It’s a sensitive issue, but there are controversies surrounding Park Bom from last year. Truthfully, I thought she needed time to reflect.”

He also suggested that the YG girl group may be debuting sometime in the near future, as he said, “We are discussing with our producers, as we have been planning too long for the new girl group. I’m hoping for a debut album early next year. They are young, but they are ready.”

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