8 Must-Have K-Beauty Products for Autumn

Although summer was great, my absolute favorite season of the year is definitely fall. From the beautiful colors of the leaves to the slightly chilly weather, I love everything about fall. Another thing that I also love about fall is the gorgeous makeup trends that fit this chic season. Here are eight must-have items for Fall 2015!



VDL Expert Color Eye Book 6.4 No.1

VDL has recently collaborated with Pantone to create three beautiful makeup palettes. Out of the three, my favorite is Color Eye Book 6.4 No. 1. I love everything about this eye shadow palette from the packaging to the colors. This palette comes with mostly neutral browns and a couple of shimmery pinks, making it the perfect everyday eye shadow palette. Out of the 12 colors, the one color that stood out to me the most is the shade Marsala. For those of you who don’t know yet, marsala is the color of the year 2015. Although this burgundy wine color looks intimidating to use on a daily basis, it’s actually a dazzling pop of color that’s perfect for this season.

Etude Eye

Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes Hello Pump Queen

I personally am not a huge fan of Halloween because I get scared really easily. However, I am most definitely a fan of cute eye shadow palettes. The Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes are most charming eye shadow palettes I’ve ever seen. Not only is the packaging adorable, the product itself contains the most appealing shades of oranges and browns ranging from cream shadows to powdery matte shadows and shimmery and glittery eye shadows. Because I’m a bit more tan than most of my friends, I enjoy using oranges on my eyes to compliment my skin tone rather than pinks. The Honey Pumpkin color in this eye shadow palette is definitely one of my favorite orange eye shadows because it is the first matte orange eye shadow I’ve seen! It’s the perfect base color for the color Caramelizing, a caramel gold color. (P.S. I also love how cute the names of the eye shadows in this palette are.)

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 1.08.48 AM

Espoir Eyeshadow Knit

When I think about fall and the change in weather, one thing that immediately comes to my mind is a cute knit sweater for chilly days. Although these eye shadows won’t keep you warm, they have the perfect knit print that makes them quite darling! Out of the available colors, I think the color Surprising Muse is perfect for this season since it is a dusty rose pink color with hints of sparkle. Often times, because I am tan-skinned, when I apply pink onto my eyes, the pink does not compliment my skin tone and makes my eye lids appear bloated. However, this color compliments every skin tone with its slightly grey undertone that gives your eyes depth! Trust me on this one, my roommate has been using my eye shadow everyday and even went out to buy one for herself!


Espoir CC

Espoir Bare Skin Complexion CC Cream Mineral Glow

My favorite type of face makeup is hands down matte. However, when seasons change, my face does this weird thing where it starts to peel. I hate it whenever my skin does this because I cannot wear matte foundations since they emphasize the dry spots on my face. However this Espoir Bare Skin Complexion CC Cream in Mineral Glow really makes my skin appear perfectly hydrated. Other than having a super long name, this product is unique in the sense that it is a foundation and a face cream. When you pump out the product, part of the product will contain the face cream while the other part is CC cream. Once you blend the product into your skin, it has the perfect amount of coverage while making it seem like you have no makeup on. I recommend this to those who have super dry skin like me and dread the winter season’s cold harsh winds.


Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion

For those of you who don’t know what a cushion foundation is yet, you’ve been missing out! It’s super easy to carry around and use. Think of it as a pressed powder, but with a liquid foundation. It saves so much time in the mornings because you don’t need to worry about the mess of liquid foundations. All you need to do is dab and go! Cushion foundations are definitely my favorite item to take to class.

The Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion is the cushion of your dreams if you have dry skin. It includes a hydrating ampoule serum with a foundation that will keep your face protected from the harsh cold winds while providing moisture to your face. It also provides medium to high coverage. It’s especially great with acne prone skin because it provides moisture to dry spots from acne. This product also includes SPF! That’s one less step that you need to worry about when you’re running late.


Innisfree Lip

Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick

When I think of autumn, I think of trench coats. And when I think of trench coats, I immediately think of lipstick. Red or burgundy lipsticks to be exact. Innisfree’s newest lipstick line, the Real Fit Lipsticks have a variety of colors that you can choose from. From daily pinks to corals and even burgundy wines, the line has all the hot colors of the season. They also have an extremely light consistency. You don’t need to worry about the lipstick smearing onto your teeth with this lipstick because it dries as soon as it touches your lips! Other than the color marsala, another trend that’s been exploding in Korea lately is the “dried rose” color trend. I know. What? That was my reaction when I first heard about this trend. However, by dried rose, they actually mean a dusty rose pink color. If you are looking for that perfect dried rose color, I would recommend the Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick in the #8 also labeled as A Cup Of Rose Latte. With this color, you will have people asking you for your lipstick color everywhere you go!

Etude Lip

Etude House Halloween Dear Darling Tint (Witch Red)

The Etude House Dear Darling Tints have always been one of my favorite lip tints. I can proudly say that I’ve been through multiple tubes of all the colors in that collection. The color of the Halloween Dear Darling Tint in Witch Red is the perfect cherry pink color for this season. This product has a hint of neon pink, making it a truly unique color that I have been wearing every day this past week! Also, the Etude House Dear Darling Tints can be drying. However, this new formula tints my lips to perfection while providing more moisture to my lips.



Etude House Halloween Play Nail

One of my favorite ways to wind down after a long week is to watch my favorite TV show while eating popcorn as I paint my nails. Because summer is over, I’ve been gradually moving away from brighter colors as I get my mood settled in for the deeper and more chic colors of autumn. Etude House really did a great job with their packaging for this season because they make me want to just buy everything.The Etude House Halloween Play Nails come in the most exquisite shades. The color selection for this nail polish line is absolutely perfect for fall!Nails 3

Are you interested in any of the products listed above? Have you tried any of them already? If you have, let us know what you thought about those products in the comments down below!

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