Sean and Jung Hye Young Celebrate Their Wedding Anniversary by Donating and Volunteering

For 11 years in a row, Sean and Jung Hye Young couple donated 3.65 million won (approximately $3180) to Babfer, a type of soup kitchen, on their wedding anniversary of October 8.

Each year, they donate 3.65 million won (10,000 won for each day that they have been married) on their wedding anniversary, and also volunteer at Babfer. Over 11 years, they have donated about 40 million won (approximately $34,843).

On his Instagram account, he writes, “There are people that we have seen 11 times, a few times, and people that we are meeting for the first time, but everyone was very welcoming. There was even someone who is 105 years old.” He added, “The chef at Babfer told us that he was inspired by our donations, and he donated 365,000 won (approximately $318) on our anniversary as well, by saving 1000 won (approximately $0.87) a day. It really doubled our happiness.”

He continues, “Our wedding marked the beginning of the joy of sharing, and I am so grateful to Hye Young for being able to do that.” He said that he will continue the donations and volunteer next year as well.

They have also donated several millions of dollars to many charities over the years, and they act as spokespersons and CEOs of various charities as well.

October 10 is also Sean’s birthday – happy birthday from Soompi!

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