Actress Kim Bin Woo Is Getting Married Today

Actress Kim Bin Woo is getting married today (October 11), to a businessman who is one year younger than her. As her husband is not a celebrity, the wedding will be a small private affair, with only relatives and close friends present.

Kim Bin Woo admitted to dating her soon-to-be-husband in June, and she has uploaded a picture of herself with her boyfriend on her personal website. She then announced her wedding, saying, “We have only dated a short time, but we are dreaming of small happinesses scattered throughout our lives.”

According to her management agency, the couple met three years ago, and have been dating since the beginning of the year. They also lived in the same town, which helped to bring them even closer.

Kim Bin Woo debuted as a supermodel, and she has been involved with drama productions such as “Good for You,” “Phoenix,” “Suspicious Family,” as well as the movie “Manhole.”

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