SG Wannabe’s Kim Jin Ho Shocks Viewers on “Hidden Singer 4”


Kim Jin Ho of SG Wannabe marked a first for the fourth season of “Hidden Singer.”


Kim Jin Ho made an appearance on the October 10 episode of “Hidden Singer 4,” but was eliminated in round two, shocking the viewers, especially because Kim Jin Ho is known for his strong singing voice.

The four rounds in which Kim Jin Ho was to compete against other imitators featured the songs “Timeless,” “Mine,” “Lalala,” and “While You Live.” From the beginning, he was quite worried, saying, “My singing style has changed since I have released these songs, and I’ve seen so many people who can sing like me.” This is not surprising, since Kim Jin Ho was only a high school student when he released “Timeless.”

Kim Jin Ho survived the first round with 38 votes, but another person had received 45 votes. In the second round, he was eliminated with 45 votes, becoming the first singer to be eliminated on this season of “Hidden Singer.”
The winner, Kim Jung Joon, was awarded 20 million Korean won ($17,400) as a prize.

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