Jo Jung Suk Talks About His First Movie Lead in “Journalist”

Actor Jo Jung Suk talked about the pressure he feels by being the single leading actor of a movie.

In his interview promoting his new film “Journalist” on October 8, he started by saying, “I felt a lot of pressure.” In this movie, he plays the role of the reporter Heo Moo Hyuk, who was fired from his job, and who is about to get divorced. However, while being at the worst stage of his life, Heo Moo Hyuk stumbles across the biggest scoop he has ever encountered. Although the scoop initially turns out to be wrong, soon afterwards the events in Heo Moo Hyuk’s reports start coming true.

Jo Jung Suk said, “I really enjoyed reading the scenario of this movie, and I wanted to take part in such an interesting movie.” He also said, “This was a great opportunity for myself, and I really wanted to take advantage of it. I’m mostly excited and looking forward to the opening. I can’t wait to share this movie with everyone.”

“Journalist” opens in theaters on October 22.

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