Joo Won made appearance on the October 12 episode of “Healing Camp,” in which he is said to have disclosed some interesting personal tastes.

According to the producers of “Healing Camp,” Joo Won confessed that his ideal type has a little bit of a belly. Seo Jang Hoon asked, “Just how much is a little bit?”


Joo Won then responded, “I really love bellies. I don’t know. Bellies are my favorite,” then added, “I guess nothing really matters when you like someone.” At this, MC Kim Je Dong asked, “Are you the kind of person who can’t get over a love when you’re really into someone?” and Joo Won responded, “It’s not that I can’t get over a love, but that I don’t try to get over it in the first place,” capturing the hearts of many with this romantic answer!

Joo Won also has an interesting hobby. He really likes to walk, and said that when he goes on a walk, he walks for 8-9 hours.

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