Song Jong Kook Responds to the Rumors of an Extramarital Affair

Following news of his divorce last week, Song Jong Kook broke his silence on the rumors that he is having an affair with a woman in her 20s.

He started by why he kept silent all this time: He said, “As someone who has already caused quite a stir in the society, I did not want to defend myself on every little allegation, and I just wanted to take some time by myself and reflect on my behavior.” He added, “The rumor is quite shocking, and it is nothing but an unfounded guesses of the netizen. Above all, I am afraid that I have caused yet another hurt towards the children and their mother. I am very sorry to them, and also to our fans.”

Park Ip Sun has already spoken out, asking people to stop the unfounded speculations, as their children Ji Ah and Ji Wook are ultimately the victims of the rumors.

She said, “Without a doubt, Song Jong Kook is the best father the children can have,” and that she is “worried that the children will hear about these rumors at school.”

While Park Ip Sun took custody of the children, Song Jong Kook said that this is because “[He] feels that the children need their mother more than their father.” This is not to mean that he will stop seeing the children; on the contrary, Song Jong Kook added that he went to the amusement park with the children just last weekend. He finished by saying, “I plan to support and love the children just like before.”

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