Lee Jin Wook Talks About His Relationship Philosophy in an Elle Pictorial Interview

Lee Jin Wook, who appeared in the drama “The Time We Were Not In Love” alongside Ha Ji Won, conducted an interview in Paris to go along with his pictorials in the fashion magazine Elle. He talked about his relationship philosophy.

While he is probably the most well-known “guy friend,” he asserted, “I don’t want to be called that. I want to be called a boyfriend, a lover.” However, he also added, “Nonetheless, I don’t really think that I’m cut out to be a boyfriend. I don’t think anything is really set until you’re married.”

He also talked about his passions about his acting career. He said, “I think that I’m only just beginning as an actor. I feel as if I just opened the door and stepped outside, I know that a big world is out there, but it’s all hazy at the moment, and it feels a bit like there are walls too.”

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