Choi Siwon Says Fortune Cookies Brought Fortune to His Life on “Section TV”

Super Junior‘s Choi Siwon appeared on the October 18 episode of “Section TV.” There, the topic of his infamous “fortune cookie” outfit is brought up again. He says, “Fortune cookies brought fortune to my life.”

choi siwon 2

He goes on to say, “Because of the picture that aired on ‘Infinity Challenge,’ fortune cookies were popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan. I think I got at least a box of fortune cookies each day as a gift, and I’m thinking of becoming a fortune cookie seller.”

Choi Siwon also says of Super Junior, which debuted ten years ago, that “It was the most important event of the first chapter of my life. It will always be a beautiful memory for me.”

Choi Siwon is currently starring in the popular MBC drama “She Was Pretty.”

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