Park Bo Young Flusters “Running Man” Members With Aegyo Attack

On October 18, guests Lee Chun Hee, Kim Hee Won, and Park Bo Young make an appearance on “Running Man” in the “Memory Heritage Race.”

In a mission at a 44-year-old traditional rice cake house, Song Ji Hyo and Park Bo Young are asked to pile the rice cakes they had chopped up earlier into a tower. Park Bo Young immediately regrets that she hadn’t cut the rice cakes bigger.

As both actresses struggle to pile the rice cakes higher, Park Bo Young uses a big piece as a foundation and says cutely, “Everyone who is studying architecture, it is important to build a good foundation.”

But when Park Bo Young realizes that Song Ji Hyo’s tower is higher, she immediately says, “Unni!” in a high-pitched voice, making Song Ji Hyo laugh. From then on, every time Song Ji Hyo piles the tower higher, Park Bo Young flusters the older actress by calling out “Unni!”

park bo young

Later in the final mission, Park Bo Young calls out “Oppa!” in a cute and high tone whenever she discovers a member of the opposing team. Her opponents quickly learn to run every time they hear her signature voice.

But Park Bo Young’s special aegyo isn’t reserved only for her opponents! She is on the same attack team as Lee Kwang Soo, and the actor runs quickly to her side every time she calls out for him.

running man

Watch the latest episode here.

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