Juniel Talks About How She Helped AOA’s Choa Make Her Debut on “A Song for You”

Singer Juniel has explained her role in the debut of her friend Choa of AOA.

Juniel is a featured guest on the October 18 episode of KBS‘ “A Song for You.” AOA’s Choa had talked about how Juniel was integral in her debut when she appeared on the show previously.


When asked about this, Juniel says, “Choa, Soohyun of U-KISS, and I were trainees together, but the company went bankrupt.” She continues, “I recruited Choa to our current management company.”

Juniel then sends Choa a message through “A Song for You,” saying, “I’m so happy to see you being successful and making frequent appearances on TV. I hope to see you around often at our company, and let’s hang out a lot and stay close! Thank you!”

Check out the latest episode of “A Song for You” below!

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