Park Kyung and Amber Are An Accidental Couple on “A Song For You”

Park Kyung and Amber did a couples dance!

Park Kyung was one of the featured guests on the October 19 episode of “A Song For You,” and he did a spontaneous couples dance with the MC Amber. The two looked pretty good, dressed in matching clothes (by coincidence) and dancing in sync. Kangin teased them, “Did you prepare this?” to which Park Kyung said “No, not at all.”


Kangin teased them a little more, saying “I’m so excited about your chemistry for the rest of the show,” making everyone laugh.

The theme of this episode was “Solos Special,” and Juniel, Cheondung of MBLAQ, and Soohyun of U-KISS were the other guests.

Watch the episode below!

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