YG Laughs at Rumors of CL and Song Mino Dating

Photos were recently released on various online communities on October 21 of two YG artists, 2NE1’s CL and WINNER’s Song Mino, at a hotel, in what appears to be a sad attempt to spark dating rumors.

The rumors were swiftly crushed with an incredulous scoff from YG Entertainment. Representatives from the agency spoke to various media outlets, expressing their disbelief: “It’s so utterly ridiculous. The reports are of an unconfirmed rumor, and to top it off, the evidence that’s being presented is fabricated.”

Another representative spoke about one of the photos, pictured below: “2NE1 went to the Philippines last year on a world tour and and WINNER was a guest performer at the time. They were staying in the same hotel, and it looks like that’s what the photos are from.”

Even K-netizens got a hearty laugh from the reports, saying, “If YG responded this fast, then it’s really not,” “This is the only thing YG is fast at,” and “Guys, don’t believe this, it’s a picture shopped by a fan to feed fantasies.”

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