Stars Reveal Their Peculiar Jinxes That Give Them Good and Bad Luck

“Jinxes exist to be broken.”

Like this saying, jinxes originally have a negative connotation, meaning something that brings bad luck. Recently, it has also been used to describe things that bring good luck.

Several Korean celebrities have their own jinxes as well, ranging from unique to unfortunate.

1. IU: “The title of my songs must be three letters.”

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On SBS’s radio show “Old School,” IU said, “My staff and I have a jinx that song titles must be three letters (syllables). All the songs with three-letter titles have been successful so we’ll be naming my next song the same way too.”

Her jinx proves to be true as well since her songs titles that are three letters in Korean have become viral hits, including “Nagging,”“Good Day,”“You and I, “The Red Shoes,” and “Sogyeokdong.”

2. G-Dragon: “When I write songs imagining what it would be like if I broke up with my girlfriend, we actually break up in real life.”

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On SBS’s “Go Show,” G-Dragon revealed his somber jinx.

“Even if I am on good terms with my girlfriend, once I write a song imagining, ‘What would it be like if I broke up with this person,’ we break up in the next two months,” he said. “It seems like I’m putting a curse on myself while singing the song.”

3. Gary: “Whenever I break up with my girlfriend, I make a title song.”

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On SBS’s “Strong Heart,” Gary said, “Whenever I break up with my girlfriend, I end up writing a title song. I don’t know if I should be happy or cry.”

He added, “’I’m Not Laughing,’ ‘Ballerino,’ and ‘The Girl Who Can’t Say Goodbye, the Boy Who Can’t Leave’ are all songs I’ve written after a breakup, and they’ve gone viral.”

4. Jung Woo Sung: “There’s a cold wave advisory whenever I film on the top of a roof.”

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While filming “Cold Eyes,” Jung Woo Sung confessed about the jinx that gave him a hard time.

“I’ve always ended up being the only one filming in weather that feels like it’s negative 30 to 40 degrees. Even when we try to book a day that is supposed to be warm, whenever I head to the rooftop, a cold wave advisory is issued,” he said.

5. Kim Jae Dong: “When women work with me, they meet a man.”

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On MBC’s “I Live Alone,” Kim Jae Dong said, “People call me the scandal breakwater because six women who have worked with me have gotten married.”

This seems true since Kang Soo Jung, No Hyun Jung, Park Ji Yoon, all MCs who worked with him in the past, have gotten married. Recently, Sung Yoo Ri, who co-hosted SBS’s “Healing Camp” with Kim Jae Dong, revealed her relationship with golfer Ahn Sung Hyun.

6. Jo Jae Hyun: “I have to wear underwear bought near the set in order for smooth acting.”

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During MBC’s “Section TV,” Jo Jae Hyun confessed a peculiar jinx.

“In order for good acting, I must wear underwear that is sold near the filming set,” he said.

7. ALi: “When I sing break up songs, I break up with my boyfriend in real life.”

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Ali, who is best known for her soulful voice, confessed about her jinx on KBS2’s “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.”

“I’m upset because whenever I sing about breakups, I truly breakup with my boyfriend in real life.”

Fans are surprised to hear about this news because ALi is well-known for her songs about heartbreaking goodbyes.

8. JeA: “Nothing works out for me when I eat onions.”

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Brown Eyed Girls’ main vocalist JeA said on MBC’s “Show Me Your Heart,”“I’m having a hard time because of onions.”

“I keep on making mistakes when I eat onions, such as screwing up on a note in my lower range,” she said.

Which jinxes do you find the most peculiar? Do you have any jinxes?

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