Lee Kwang Soo Is Praised for His Selflessness by Park Bo Young and Lee Chun Hee

The stars of the new film “Collective Invention” have joined up with Cosmopolitan for a fun and fresh photo shoot!

Lee Kwang Soo, Park Bo Young, and Lee Chun Hee are currently promoting their comedy film “Collective Invention,” which just hit theaters on October 22.

During their interview with the magazine, the stars are asked if this is the first time they’ve all gathered together since they wrapped up filming. “Although it’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other, it seems like we just met up a day or two ago,” says Park Bo Young. “It doesn’t feel like ‘Oh, it’s so good to see you!'” adds Lee Kwang Soo. “Instead it’s like we saw each other yesterday and are meeting up again today.”

park bo young cosmopolitanIn the film, Lee Kwang Soo plays a man who suffers from a terrible mutation after taking an experimental drug. The interviewer asks him whether it was as difficult as it looked to act without being able to show any facial expressions due to the large fish head he had to wear.

“I worried a lot because of that,” says Lee Kwang Soo. “If you’re acting with your body, it’s really easy to make it look like overacting if you overdo it. At the same time, if you don’t use your body much at all then you don’t get the story across. So I practiced a lot in front of my mirror at home.”

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The interviewer mentions that they’d heard it took Lee Kwang Soo five hours to get into his fish-man costume, and that the fish head weighed 7 to 8 kilograms. They’d also heard that because of the costume, Park Bo Young used to feed him at mealtimes during shooting, and when a scene was over, Lee Chun Hee would help him hold up the fish head.

Lee Chun Hee explains, “Because Lee Kwang Soo seemed to be having a difficult time, not only the two of us but also the staff would pay a lot of attention to try to make it so that Lee Kwang Soo could act even a bit more comfortably. When the director would call cut, he’d also right away say, ‘Lee Kwang Soo, you can take it off now.'”

He goes on to add, “But since it was cumbersome to take it off and put it on again all the time, Lee Kwang Soo purposely tried not to take it off. He’d always say ‘I’m okay’ because he was worried that the people who’d have to take his mask off and put it on again would get tired out.”

“Lee Kwang Soo is the kind of person who doesn’t want to say they’re having a difficult time or show it, even when they are,” says Park Bo Young. “For example, even on a cold day, when he took off his fish head his face would be soaked in sweat. He’d have to be hooked up to an oxygen tank because it was so heavy he couldn’t breathe properly in there. Despite his situation, he’d always think about other people first. That’s why we cared for him.”

“But thanks to that fish head, I got to be taken care of like I was a small child while we were filming,” laughs Lee Kwang Soo.

Are you looking forward to seeing this trio in “Collective Invention”?

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