Singer Kim So Jung Does Impressive Imitations of Jeon Do Yeon, HyunA, and Jessi on “Radio Star”

Singer Kim So Jung appeared on the recent episode of “Radio Star” and surprised everyone with her awesome imitation skills.

During the show, the singer says, “My agency told me that since I am a solo artist I need to know how to do everything.”

Then she shows off some of her talents which include celebrity imitations. She starts by imitating actress Jeon Do Yeon, then HyunA.

She finishes off with Jessi, while doing the rapper’s signature hand motions. The others find it quite hilarious and amazing that she can catch the stars’ key points.

Watch the hilarious clip here!

Later, after this episode of “Radio Star” aired, Kim So Jung posted on her Twitter, saying, “To Jessi, HyunA, and Jeon do Yeon, I’m sorry.”

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