IU Achieves an All-Kill on Music Charts with “Twenty-Three”

IU seems to have become quite the veteran singer. As of October 24, 7 a.m. KST, IU’s new song “Twenty-Three” is in first place on all eight major music websites.

As a twenty-three year old, she no longer looks like a girl, but it’s hard to see her as a total grown-up. She is still sensitive, she wants to love, she wants to work, she loves now, but it’s also hard. She is still a twenty-three year old who has a hard time making decisions, like most people of that age. She is still a mystery. All of this is conveyed in the lyrics of her new song.

The singer said of her new song, “I thought it might be hard to gain empathy from those who are not twenty-three, but a lot of people told me, ‘I feel the same way.’ That made me feel great.” Her lyrics are candid and clever, and although far from hip-hop, there is still some kind of swag in her music.

IU will not be promoting her songs through music programs, but she will meet fans through concerts next month.

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